Dirt Media was founded in 2016 by creative executives David Burroughs (Hobo International, XM Radio), Brian Lichty (XM Radio, Millennial Media), and business development/sales exec, Chad Knight (ADP, Yellowbook). Dirt Media provides its clients creative strategy, marketing planning and creative execution. With more than 50 years of combined experience, Dirt Media creates complete branding programs for companies, advises senior executives and organizations, and helps companies apply their brand across all media through storytelling, presentation, print, web, social, mobile, and video.

bl-frameBrian Lichty

Creative Director

Brian brings over 20 years of visual design expertise, brand strategy, and tech development to Dirt Media.


Prior to co-founding Dirt, Brian served as Creative Director at SalientMG where he led key creative initiatives for SMG’s larger clients including, Verizon, Starwood, and Rovio. Prior to SMG, Brian served as VP, Global Brand/Creative Director at mobile ad giant Millennial Media where he led its brand development and helped grow the company from fledgling mobile ad network through to a $750 million IPO. Prior to Millennial, Brian led the in-house Creative Team at XM Radio for eight years helping build a monster consumer brand. Brian has also served as creative consultant for Mount St. Mary’s University, the Generic Pharmaceutical Association, Moonlighting and AARP.

db-frameDavid Burroughs

Creative Director

David brings years experience in storytelling, film, video production, and photography to Dirt Media.


A notable photographer and videographer, David studied film at NYU and after moving to Los Angeles, became a well-respected lighting designer in the film industry. He worked on a host of Hollywood movies including Being John Malkovich, Arlington Road and Minus Man and more. During that time, David also shot dozens of TV commercials and numerous music videos that received airtime on MTV. After moving back east, David quickly became a goto photographer/videographer in the mid-atlantic area, shooting content for Hobo International and Blue Cross Blue Shield among others, and his architectural photography has been featured in several notable magazines.

ck-frameChad Knight

Chief Marketing Officer

Chad brings years of sales, business development, and marketing skills to Dirt Media.


After getting my start in sales selling cell phones (anyone remember the old flip phones?) for a small business in Baltimore County, I quickly realized what I was meant to do, sell. Ideas, things, software, direct mail, web pages, screwdrivers, HRIS Systems and Health Care. Along the way I discovered that I had a knack for building, training and leading amazing sales teams; teams assignment writing service that knew how to win. I also discovered that when you help someone else achieve their vision and goals, either personally or in business, there is no better feeling. I’ve led sales initiatives for small to mid-sized businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies and have enjoyed much success along the way.


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